Aperture 3 Seminar at MBS

Aperture 3 Seminar at MBS
Orlando Luna

External HDs

G-Tech pocket RAID drive

eSATA pancake RAID drive – good for video (140mbps)

eSATA pocket RAID drive (120mbps)

eSATA = 120-140mbps

Firewire = 80mbps

New Features in Aperture 3

1) Places – you can use your iPhone to take a quick photo to get the coordinates of your location and then add this data in later manually

2) Faces – turn off in Preferences – General

3) Flagging Images – extra tag to mark images that you’re working on.

4) Trash bin

5) Labeling

3 Stars – Great Images

4 Stars – Selects

5 Stars – Finished

Smart Albums – use search criteria to group images

-Under EXIF data, you can sort by:

a. Aperture setting

b. Camera Serial Number

c. etc.

Keyboard Shortcuts

V – rotates through different views

M – shows you the Master image

P – Quick Preview

Aperture 3 will automatically switch you out of Quick Preview mode if it needs to.

To change Preview settings:

Preferences – Previews

You can easily switch between libraries.

File – Switch to Library

A vault does not back up original images that are not stored in an Aperture Library (referenced images).  It just backs up the Library.


Portraiture, Tiffen, Silver Effects, Noise Ninja

Audio Devices for 5Dii

Audio Technica, Rogue, h4m Samson device, Beachtek

-Orlando records audio separately and syncs afterwards


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