HD Workflow Seminar at Apple

HD Video Workflow Seminar (Apple Offices, Reston)
June 9, 2010

Developers are key – iPad, iPhone, etc.

People use applications on the iPad more than they surf the web on the iPad.


Acquisition – Ingest – Editing – Finishing – Delivery – Backup – Archive

What effect does choosing P2 over XDCam have on the entire workflow?

[M] KiPro ProRes VTR ($4,000) – records direcly to Apple ProRes for native editing


4444 – 330 Mbps

422 HQ – 220 Mbps

422 – 145 Mbps

422 LT – 100 Mbps

422 Proxy – 45 Mbps

[M] Wacom tablet

[W] Media Silo – www.mediasilo.com – website for client review

[M] New MacBook Pro

Asset Management

Shrinking Production Schedule – people are expecting faster results.

The Editor is the workflow hub.

[M] Final Cut Server ($999 for unlimited users) – Server runs on a Mac Pro for small workgroups; server runs on a Xserve/Xsan for larger workgroups.  Seamless collaboration.  Easy asset cataloguing.  Cross Platform Client – can run on Windows or Mac for review.  Uses the new Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy) for offline editing.   Automatic proxy creation and project linking.  Great organizational tools.  Redesigned architecture for improved search time and performance.  Multiformat delivery.  Flexible configuration.

Preview interface with lightweight proxy videos; metadata; list of all Final Cut projects where a specific clip is being used; room for annotations.

You can check out Final Cut projects (with original media or proxy media), work on them, and then check them back in.

[M] Get by AV3 – indexes your media based on phonetics; searches audio for words

[M] Mac Captioning – Closed caption software (line 21 data)


Uncompressed HD = 165 Mbps

Mostly used for feature films, special effects, visual effects, etc. Runs on RAID system.

Firewire 800 = 70 Mbps (can not play uncompressed HD)

Panasonic P2 – shoots in DVCPro HD or AVC-Intra.  Final Cut can edit either of these natively, although the computer has to “decompress” on the fly.

Sony EX-3 – shoots in XDCam.  Files are smaller than P2 (compression uses “missing frames”), but the computer has to work really hard to edit it natively.

Shared storage – centralized storage that everyone can tap into (Final Cut server with XSan); every user feels like they’re directly attached; uses fiber (not Ethernet).


You can create HD Blu-Ray media on a regular DVD using your computer’s DVD burner drive, but you’re limited on the amount of space (about 25 minutes). If you want to create a true Blu-Ray disc, you need to get a Blu-Ray burner & discs.

Use SHARE in Final Cut to create Blu-Ray files (and other types of output – i.e. iPhone, Apple TV, etc.)

[M] Air Video – 3rd party software; will convert (server side) and stream media on the fly to various devices (i.e. to iPhones, iPads).


Video Streaming – Air Video can stream videos in almost any format to your iPhone and iPod touch. You don’t need to copy your videos to the device just to watch them.

Live Conversion – If the videos in your collection are not in format supported by iPhone, Air Video will convert them on fly. You don’t need to wait until the entire video is converted. You can start watching it almost immediately!


Atempo – www.atempo.com

Backup and Archive solutions.

Atempo Digital Archive – connects with Final Cut Server and Final Cut Pro.  GUI application.  Archive and retrieve directly within Final Cut Server menu.

Backup – protects dynamic data; creates a point-in-time copy of your primary storage

Archive – preservation of content; reduces storage cost by using less expensive storage; organizes storage by metadata

Can be managed on either Mac or Windows operating system.

Atempo has built in non-dependency to the product so that if you need to move your archives or transfer them to another type of storage, that’s possible.

Takeaway:  Build a server.  Backup the server.


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