Panoramic Images

To create a new 360 Panorama for the KC Virtual Tour:

This is the main folder on the shared drive for our panoramic images:


1) Using the Nodal Ninja, take 6 images around, 1 up, 2 down on the tripod, and 1 down handheld.

2) Bring images into Aperture and resize to 50%.

3) Open Photoshop and import the 3 ground images. Erase the Nodal Ninja arm and tripod from the composite floor image. Save as xxxx_floor.jpg. Move the 3 original floor images into a new folder called “Floor.”

5) Open PTGui. Drag images into “Load Images” box. Click “Align Photos.” If it looks good, click “Create Panorama.”

6) Open the panoramic image in Photoshop or Aperture and tweak as necessary to make it look as nice as possible (exposure, contrast, color, etc.). Save to folder.

7) Open Pano2VR. Drag your finished panorama into “Input” window. Modify the Viewing Parameters to select your starting point image. Modify Hotspots -> Click on Area Hotspots and check “Enable.” Say “Yes” when it asks to create Hotspot file. Click on the green plus button to create a new hotspot. Use the rectangle tool and draw hotspot area. Paste URL into URL field. Change Target to “_parent”. Create as many hotspots as needed and hit OK.

Click the green “Add” button to add a Flash output. Go to Settings tab. Change window size to 605 x 405. Save in this folder (“Output”):
S:\multimedia\Panorama\virtual_tour\output\new swfs.
Go to HTML tab and save in same folder.

Add another output – HTML5.  Go to Settings tab. Change Window Size to 605 x 405. Save in this folder:
Go to HTML tab and save in same folder.

8) To post to website: Go to the page in the Virtual Tour section of the website with the panorama that you want to replace. Right click to view source. Find the swf name for the panorama. Name your file the same thing. Drag the file into this folder:

Go here:

Find the image in the “Dev” column, check the box, and then click “Move Checked”. Do this again the “Test” column. Your panorama should now be live on the website.


Useful Links:

Panoramic Tripod Heads
Nodal Ninja Pano Head
Manfrotto 303 SPH
Panosaurus Pano Head

Recommended Lenses (with Canon DSLR):
Canon 15mm f/2.8 fisheye (ff)
Sigma 8mm f/3.5 fisheye (circular)

Stitching Software:

QTVR Converter Software:

Panorama Examples:
Los Angeles Philharmonic

Sarah Palin’s Speech
Tour de France 2010
Helicopter Rescue

How to determine the nodal point:


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  1. Thanks for the tip! I’ve been wanting to experiment with panoramas.

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