Royalty Free Music


The following sites were sent in to Indy Mogul after the original episode aired:….

This week, Russell explains how Creative Commons music licenses work, and how you can use them to your advantage by getting music you are legally allowed to use in your Youtube videos, often being able to monetize them also!

List of Free Music Sites:

Additional Sites: – Check the bottom of the page to find the Creative Commons section to search music that can be used.

If you would like to add to this list, email us at with the subject line “More Free Music”

If you have a question, are seeking advice (FILMMAKING advice, Russ is NOT, in fact, a licensed therapist), or were just wondering about anything at all film or video related, send an email to:
Even quick, simple questions will do.

If you have made a movie and want advice as to how it could be better, send a Youtube link, listed or unlisted, to:
and let Russell know you want your movie put on THE CHOPPING BLOCK!

Intro Video by Anthony De Coninck (aka Stylow)

Opening Theme by Abhilash Buch

Additional Music by


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