Exporting an mpeg4/h.264 file out of Final Cut

In Final Cut Pro ::

1. Choose File > Export > Using Quicktime Conversion.
2. For format choose MPEG-4.
3. Windows Shows. Choose MP4 for file format.
4. Video format choose H.264.
5. Data rate to 700 kbps.
6. Adjust Image Size to 640 x 360.
7. AAC for Audio format/128kbps/stereo/44.1/best.
8. Stream No.


Creating an MPEG-2 file from Final Cut Pro (for plasma screens)

In Final Cut Pro, choose:
-> Send To – Compressor

In Compressor, use:
-> Apple – MPEG-2 – Program Stream

Creating a Video for Powerpoint

After much testing and experimenation, Windows Media (wmv) File seem to work the best in Powerpoint. You can use Any Video Converter to convert them. Make sure you keep the frame size and bitrate high for best quality.

Converting a funky AVI to QT for DVD output

This afternoon, I was given an AVI file and asked to create a DVD that would be playable in any normal DVD player.  I had 40 minutes to complete the task.  Here was my workflow and final solution:

1. Tried to open the file on my Mac.  The codec was not recognized.  QT would not open it.

2. Imported the file directly into iDVD.  File would not play.

3. Imported the file into Final Cut Pro.  File would not play.

4. Tried to open the file on my PC.  Windows Media Player launched, but only played back audio.

5. Imported the file into Adobe Premeire Pro (CS4) on my PC.  Only played back audio.

6. Attempted to convert file to MPG2 using Any Video Converter (AVC) on my Mac.  Conversion failed.

7. Attempted to convert file to MPG2 using Any Video Converter (AVC) on my PC – “DVD Video NTSC Movie” setting.  Conversion successful.  File played fine in Windows Media Player.

8. Transferred the new MPG2 to my Mac and attempted to open with iDVD and FCP.  Still no cigar.

9. Went back to the PC and imported the MPG2 into Premeire.  Played fine.  Exported the file from Premeire as a QT.

10. Transferred the QT to my Mac and imported to iDVD.  Played fine.  Burned a DVD and tested.  Played fine.  Much rejoicing.

Summary of Solution: Funky AVI -> MPG2 (Any Video Converter on PC) -> QT (Adobe Premeire Pro on PC) -> DVD (iDVD on Mac)