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370 Quick Setup Guide


  • Always lock tilt lock & pan lock when you walk away. Make sure your team is doing this.

  • Confirm that tilt and pan lock are unlocked before moving camera (counter-clockwise).

  • When leveling tripod with camera attached, make sure to properly support the weight of the camera by holding top handle of camera.

  • Do not wrap any cables tightly when stowing in bag

  • Be careful when stowing monitors so that they don’t get scratched or broken.

  • Make sure baby spuds are secured into monitors when not in use.

  • Make sure all camera accessories get stowed away in correct place.

  • When attaching cables, do not force connectors. Use baby strength.

  • Fully tighten tripod arms against legs when stowing and make sure tripod is placed in the correct position in the bag.

Tripod Setup:

  1. Unhook leg-tie strap

  2. Rotate arms away from tripod body before extending legs

  3. Release and spread top and bottom legs to desired height

  4. Lock the spreader lock in center of tripod

  5. Bubble-balance tripod (light activated by pushing up underneath bubble)

  6. Lock pan and tilt locks (turn clockwise) before putting camera on tripod


Mounting Camera

  1. Side-load camera on to tripod

  2. Tighten plate lock


Zoom Controller

  1. Loosen top knob to let clamp swing 90 degrees and re-tighten

  2. Release the quick release t-bar

  3. Put zoom controller on right arm over small plastic sleeve

  4. Connect quick release t-bar

  5. Tighten middle and bottom knobs to an equal length so clamp plates are parallel

  6. Plug cable onto lens. Arrow on connector should point towards the front right of the camera


Focus Controller

  1. Release top bolt to let clamp swing 90 degrees and re-tighten

  2. Quick release the t bar

  3. Put focus controller over left tripod arm on plastic sleeve

  4. Connect quick release t bar

  5. Tighten middle and bottom bolts equally so clamp plates are parallel

  6. Plug focus cable first into focus controller and turn the controller until it engages

  7. Screw in tight

  8. Connect focus cable into lens

  9. Rotate focus controller to engage connector fully, finish screwing cable in



  1. Remove baby spud and knurled lock ring (bolt with gold adjustment ring) from monitor

  2. Screw baby spud onto top of camera

  3. Mount monitor onto baby spud and secure with screw

  4. Adjust angle of monitor on monitor yolk


Power cables

  1. Plug 3 pin camera cable into bottom left of tandem (on back of camera)

  2. Plug other end of power cable into power cable or strip

  3. Plug power tap cable into top right side of camera just in front of tandem

  4. Run power tap cable under cable guides on top right side of camera

  5. Plug power tap cable into 4 pin power connector on back of monitor


Video cables

  1. Connect BNC feed to switcher into SDI Out 1 (back of cam)

  2. Connect short BNC to SDI OUT 2 (side of cam) and SDI IN 1 (back of monitor)


Balancing Camera

  1. Confirm that bubble balance is still good

  2. Reduce tilt friction to it’s minimum

  3. Tilt camera forward and back

  4. Readjust position of the slide plate so that the camera is balanced

  5. Relock tripod plate lock


Perfect Balance

  1. Typically, you will not have to touch this

  2. See if camera moves when tilted forward and let go of

  3. IF it does, rotate perfect balance wheel (right side of tripod head) and try tilting again

  4. Continue until camera does not move when tilted


2x Extender (Cam 2, 3 and 4 only)

  • 3 of the 4 cameras have a lens extender on them that double the zoom.

  • Doing this takes the camera down a stop and you must adjust the iris to compensate.


  • Problem

    • Lens does not respond to zoom control

  • Solution

    • Make sure cable from lens is connected to the camera

    • (Front left of camera when looking into the lens)

    • This should always be plugged in.

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